Our Staff

Vera Zyla is a sex educator, co-owner of The Art of Loving and has a degree in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). She has been leading erotic education seminars and events for over six years at The Art of Loving, conferences, trade shows and private gatherings. Vera is seen regularly in the media, and has been interviewed for TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines. She believes that a happy and active sex life is one of the keys to mental and physical wellness. 

John Ince is a co-owner of The Art of Loving and the founder of Joygenic: the Happiness Institute which provides seminars and other services to help people grow happier. John is the author of five books, a lawyer, an environmental and human rights activist, wilderness traveler and community builder. His unusual life path plus his years of research into the science of happiness inform his seminars. He appears regularly in the media and has been profiled in a cover story in the Georgia Straight.


Liane Liane has been working and presenting seminars at The Art of Loving for over 3 years. With a background in non-profit management and sexual health education, she thrives to help create a more sex-positive world. Two of her favourite things are creatively written sex guides and helping people pick out their first vibrator! One day, she hopes to be able to walk on stilts.

Barbara is an illustrator studying for her BA in visual arts, as well as a comic nerd with a particular interest in feminist, queer, and erotic graphic novels. She has a tendency to jump head-first into every new creative endeavor regardless of how great or hilariously bad the end result may be. Barbara likes to apply the same "don't knock it 'til you try it" attitude to sexuality and has had her share of great and hilariously bad experiments in that department as well.

Candice has worked in the service industry for 18 years. She enjoys meeting new people, loves feeling a part of the community, and is known to make friends wherever she goes. Her curiosity surrounding anything to do with sex and sexual health is what has led her to joining the team at The Art of Loving.

Emily has a background in Women Studies and Sociology as well as a diploma in Medical Terminology. Her curiosity about human sexuality fuels her passion for all aspects of her position here at the Art of Loving. She had already read the majority of the books we sell before she was hired! Humour and attention to detail are her secrets to a great sex life.

Victoria is a graphic designer and visual artist working in the music industry. Her passion for Rock and Roll and Heavy Metal has lead to an interest in studying the sexual culture surrounding music. A supporter of the sex-positive movement and an advocate for sexual exploration, she is thrilled at the opportunity to assist others in exploring their sexual desires and taking pleasure to greater heights. Victoria is a firm believer that a healthy sex life is one of the keys to happiness.

The Art of Loving is located at 1819 West 5th Ave @ Burrard, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We are  a Canadian adult store and sex shop selling sex toys and adult products throughout Canada and B.C.   We also provide sex educational seminars on a wide variety of  topics.  All prices are in Canadian dollars.


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