Anal Toys

People have lots of different ideas about anal play. For some it is taboo, for others a favorite activity, and for many a‘naughty’ zone to explore. We believe that anal play is a fun and healthy sexual activity and encourage people to explore it at their own pace. Anal play should never be rushed, and for many people it takes time to ease into it. Start small and always, always use lots of lube!

13" Anal Beads13" Anal Beads$39.95
Aneros MGXAneros MGX$79.95
Bejeweled Steel Butt PlugBejeweled Steel Butt Plug$99.95
Booty Call Rocket PlugBooty Call Rocket Plug$39.95
Ditto Vibrating Butt PlugDitto Vibrating Butt Plug$139.95
Encore Anal PlugEncore Anal Plug$32.95
Flexi-Felix - Silicone Anal BeadsFlexi-Felix - Silicone Anal Beads$44.95
Joe RockJoe Rock$27.95
Jolly JackJolly Jack$38.95
L'il EndL'il End$24.95
Large RippleLarge Ripple$49.95

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