Seminar Topics

Anal Play for Women: LIVE DEMO

We've all heard that prostate play for men can be very enjoyable, but what about for women? Can a woman enjoy anal play? How do you get started?

Presented by Robyn, this workshop and demo will explore anal play for women, and how to help everyone involved have a great time!

Please note - the doors will be locked at 7:40pm sharp!

Anal Play for Women LIVE DEMO July 12th $50.00
12 July 2016 - 7:30pm Redrobin

Strapping It On: LIVE DEMO

Are you interested in learning how to do strap on play, or do you already know how but would like to learn some new tips and tricks? Presented by Redrobin, this workshop and demo will explore the many ways to get the most out of your strap on. Regardless of gender, sexual orientation or role, this kind of play can be pleasurable for everyone involved, and we'll show you how with our female model and live demo!

Please note - the doors will be locked at 7:40pm sharp!

Strapping It On! LIVE - June 21st $50.00
21 June 2016 - 7:30pm Redrobin

Wicked Wax Play - LIVE DEMO

Wax play can take on many forms, from a relaxing sensual massage to squeals and squirms! This class will cover the basics of wax play including safety, types of wax, and clean up, as well as exploring some fun styles, tips and tricks to get the most out of your experience. Open to everybody. You won't want to miss this one!


Wicked Wax Play - LIVE DEMO June 14th $40.00
14 June 2016 - 7:30pm Redrobin

Foreskin 101

In “Foreskin 101”, Canadian Foreskin Awareness Project founder Glen Callender will use his own foreskin to demonstrate what foreskin is and how it functions. He’ll answer your foreskin questions, and present fascinating video clips demonstrating how men can enjoy powerful orgasms—and even multiple orgasms—from stimulating specific areas of the foreskin.

No scheduled dates for this seminar.

Tantric Masturbation

In Tibetan Tantra, the state of orgasm is considered a taste of enlightenment. In this workshop you will learn a combination of meditation, pranayama (conscious breathing), and self-massage techniques for health, happiness, longevity and increased pleasure. In this workshop you will learn Tibetan Tantra Fire Element meditation, and breathing techniques to relax and open the body. You will learn cock and pussy massage techniques that you can use in your self-pleasure practice. There will also be a brief introduction to jade egg and ben-wa ball exercises. Open to all!

No scheduled dates for this seminar.

Shamanic Wheel Ritual LIVE DEMO

The Wheel ritual emphasizes how sexuality is multi-dimensional: body, mind, heart, and spirit. The Wheel includes four aspects of experience that are always present in our lives: spiritual, mental, physical, emotional. When all of these meet and merge in the center, sexual experience can blend with ecstasy and mystical revelation. The ritual will focus on one persons embodied sexual storytelling and also use an alter created with elemental items. Please bring an alter item that symbolizes an aspect of your sexuality that you want to magnify in your life ie. sex toy, shell, flowers, statue of god/goddess or anything else.
You will learn about:
1) erotic intelligence and sexual initiations

No scheduled dates for this seminar.

Giving Good Head

Blow more than your lover's mind! Join us for a fun evening covering erotic techniques and products that will enable you and your partner to enjoy a heightened level of excitement and pleasure. Watch a few DVD clips of some famous blowjob artists at work and learn some new moves that your mother never told you about. Add some new tricks to your next rub lick and blow session and make him moooaaan……

View a video clip of this seminar.

Check out Kezine's review of the class.

Giving Good Head - May 11th $35.00
11 May 2016 - 7:30pm Vera Zyla
Giving Good Head - May 31st $35.00
31 May 2016 - 7:30pm Vera Zyla

Vulva Massage - LIVE DEMO

Learn the sacred art of vulva massage and how to expand your capacity for pleasure. In this live demo class we will first discuss the basic foundations of touch, communication and how understanding the anatomy of arousal can increase the pleasure potential for you or your partner. We will learn how to slow down our touch and discover some new ways to pleasure the vulva from a whole person perspective. 

This class if for anyone with a vulva or those who like to play with them, all are welcome.

Due to the intimate nature of this workshop, doors will be closed after the first 10 minutes this seminar has started, those not present by this time will not be let in.



No scheduled dates for this seminar.

Cock Massage - LIVE DEMO

Caffyn Jesse will talk about men’s erotic anatomy and demonstrate how to touch in ways that expand sexual power and pleasure for men. She will discuss differences between circumcised and intact penises, scrotal and anal pleasures, pleasuring non-bio penises, and soft-cock massage. Caffyn is a lead teacher of Sexological Bodywork. She will talk about the difference between this modality and the conventional “rub and a tug.”
Please note that the doors will be locked at 7:40 sharp and no late arrivals will be allowed in so please arrive on time.


No scheduled dates for this seminar.

Impact Play: LIVE DEMO

Have you ever had a smack to the butt and knew you wanted more? Do you have a partner that has asked you to spank them, but you're not sure if there's a technique to it? Those floggers look intimidating, how do I use them?

There is absolutely technique to impact play, and anyone can learn! Presented by Redrobin, this workshop and demo will explore the different methods and techniques to spanking your partner in a pleasurable way (or not so pleasurable, if that's what you're going for!). In this live demo you will get to see varying tools including hands, paddles, canes and floggers getting used and learn how to use them!

Please note - the doors will be locked at 7:40pm sharp!

Smack! Impact Play 101 LIVE-May 10th $40.00
10 May 2016 - 7:30pm Redrobin

Sexual Roleplay


Have you ever thought about having sex with your boss, the hot pool boy or that sexy babysitter? Now you can. Join sex and relationship coaches, Gabrielle & Marco for an evening of exploration into the many ways that sexual roleplay can enhance your sex life. Their workshop will cover opening to your own turn-ons; preparing and setting up a scene; sexualizing the roles; letting go of fears and allowing the scene to flow; experimenting with different possibilities. Specializing in fantasy roleplay, G&M will give you a taste of how to take the first few steps toward creating fulfilling fantasies of your own and bringing your sex life to places you never thought you’d dare.


No scheduled dates for this seminar.

Pussy Play LIVE DEMO

There's a dozen ways to please a woman with your hands. Make it a kinky woman and your options are endless! Presented by Redrobin, come check out this class and demo where we'll explore the many fun ways to play with the female anatomy including petting, slapping, fingering, fisting and more!

Please note - the doors will be locked at 7:40pm sharp!


Pussy Play LIVE DEMO: June 7th $50.00
7 June 2016 - 7:30pm Redrobin

Boudoir Stories

Come out for an evening of escapism & listen to local author, Madison Lake, read from her new book of erotic short stories. Bring your sweetie, bring a gaggle of boy or girl friends, or arrive solo. One way or another you’re bound to enjoy yourself.

Snacks & beverages served, and a bevy of books and erotic playthings will surround you. Remember, Thursday has long been the new Friday. Get out and enjoy yourself.

No scheduled dates for this seminar.

Yoni Massage: LIVE DEMO

The healing benefits of a vulva massage are surprising and unique for each woman. In this informative demo class, you will learn how to give healing and/or pleasure through a whole body, external and internal massage with specific focus on unveiling the mysteries of a woman's sensuous sweet spots. A demo will be given on how to create a safe space for the receiver, followed by how to touch and massage the velvety lips, clitoris, g-spot and vaginal walls to release pain or residual energy, increase orgasmic potential and create whole body well being and bliss. Please arrive on time as doors will be locked at 7:40pm

Full Yoni Massage: LIVE DEMO - June 13th $50.00
13 June 2016 - 7:30pm Sophia

Your Ticket to a Joyful Life

Science has identified the ingredients of happiness.
But most of us don't know them.
We can help you learn them and grow happier!

But there’s a catch: creating a joyful life takes work! Fun work!

If you want to be as happy as you can possibly be, you have to leave the tedious track that our culture encourages us to take.

Few people can change course in life without major on-going support in the form of a step-by-step system and a community of folks on the same path.

JOYSHIFT is that system and community. This two day seminar will introduce you to it.

Come prepared to breathe deeply, feel intensely, move playfully, make new friends, stimulate your senses, and learn a radical new way to be really happy.

No scheduled dates for this seminar.
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