Foreskin 101

In “Foreskin 101”, Canadian Foreskin Awareness Project founder Glen Callender will use his own foreskin to demonstrate what foreskin is and how it functions. He’ll answer your foreskin questions, and present fascinating video clips demonstrating how men can enjoy powerful orgasms—and even multiple orgasms—from stimulating specific areas of the foreskin.

If you have foreskin, “Foreskin 101” will show you how to get the most out of it. If you don’t have foreskin, you’ll find out what you’re missing. And if you’re expecting a baby boy, you’ll learn exactly what your son will lose forever if you have him circumcised. At turns comic, erotic and shocking, “Foreskin 101” blows the lid off thousands of years of sexual ignorance, and will forever change your understanding of the penis. Be there... or be foreskin unaware. (1.5 hrs long)

No scheduled dates for this seminar.
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