Sex Positive Cocktail Party ONLINE Dec 3 7pm (PST)

Date: 3 Dec 2015 7:00pm
Seminar Leader: Vera Zyla
Audience: Everyone
Price 25.00

How often do you talk openly and honestly about your sexual history and current sex live?
For most people that is very rare.

Yet opening up in a safe environment with others who are interested in such an engaging topic can be a highly liberating and educational experience.

We have devised a wonderful way to do that. We call it the Sex Positive Cocktail Party and we host them in-person at our store.

But attending at our premises is only possible for a small fraction of the folks who want to engage in down-to-earth conversations about sex. so we have decided to host the event ONLINE! In the privacy of your own home you can attend the party! SEMINAR DESCRIPTION CONTINUES HERE.

Vera Zyla is a sex educator, co-owner of The Art of Loving and has a degree in Acupuncture and as a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner(TCMP). She has been leading adult education seminars and events for over twelve years at The Art of Loving, conferences, trade shows and private gatherings. Seen regularly in the media and interviewed for TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines she is motivated by passion, education and fun. She blends a holistic playful approach while helping people learn more aboout sex, sex toys and relationships.   She empowers and transforms with a pleasure positive message.

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