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Get…and Keep the Relationship You Want: May 29th

Date: 29 May 2017 7:30pm
Seminar Leader: Richard Tatomir
Audience: Everyone
Price 20.00

In this 2-hour educational workshop (not therapy), attendees will gain an introduction to practical, science-based tools from the Gottman method for increasing intimacy, passion, and reducing conflict, whether single/dating, newly living together, or married for many years. Certified counsellor Richard Tatomir (M.A., C.C.C.) uses a unique mix of humour, personal/clinical experience, and interactive exercises, to make the often complicated science of healthy relationships simple enough for anyone to begin making positive changes to their most important relationships, right away.

Impact Play: LIVE DEMO -May 30

Date: 30 May 2017 7:30pm
Seminar Leader: Redrobin
Audience: Everyone
Price 40.00

Have you ever had a smack to the butt and knew you wanted more? Do you have a partner that has asked you to spank them, but you're not sure if there's a technique to it? Those floggers look intimidating, how do I use them?

There is absolutely technique to impact play, and anyone can learn! Presented by Redrobin, this workshop and demo will explore the different methods and techniques to spanking your partner in a pleasurable way (or not so pleasurable, if that's what you're going for!). In this live demo you will get to see varying tools including hands, paddles, canes and floggers getting used and learn how to use them!

Please note - the doors will be locked at 7:40pm sharp!

Yoni Massage LIVE DEMO: May 31st

Date: 31 May 2017 7:30pm
Seminar Leader: Sophia
Audience: Everyone
Price 50.00

The healing benefits of a vulva massage are surprising and unique for each woman. In this informative demo class, you will learn how to give healing and/or pleasure through a whole body, external and internal massage with specific focus on unveiling the mysteries of a woman's sensuous sweet spots. A demo will be given on how to create a safe space for the receiver, followed by how to touch and massage the velvety lips, clitoris, g-spot and vaginal walls to release pain or residual energy, increase orgasmic potential and create whole body well being and bliss. Please arrive on time as doors will be locked at 7:40pm

Expanded Orgasmic Meditation LIVE DEMO: June 5th

Date: 5 Jun 2017 7:30pm
Seminar Leader: Julia Kovaks
Audience: Everyone
Price 50.00

A practice called Orgasmic Meditation has spread via the internet since 2011 since Nicole Daedone's Tedtalk.
This method is deeply rooted in ancient practices and more recently in the sixties where it was researched in the longest running intentional community of Lafayette\Morehouse in Oakland California. During this LIVE DEMO on a female model, we will introduce to you the key principles of this practice.

Cock and Ball Play: LIVE DEMO - Jun 6th

Date: 6 Jun 2017 7:30pm
Seminar Leader: Redrobin
Audience: Everyone
Price 50.00

In this live demonstration based workshop, we're going to explore some fun and sexy ways to tease, please, and play with cocks (and their buddies)! Toys, tools and techniques with hands - oh my!!
Because of the intimate content of this seminar late arrivals will not be admitted so please arrive before 7:30pm. Door will be locked at 7:40pm.

Breast Lymphatic Massage LIVE DEMO - June 7th

Date: 7 Jun 2017 7:30pm
Seminar Leader: Dr. P. Tinari
Audience: Everyone
Price 10.00

Intro to Breast Lymphatic Massage, G-System Activation & Total Body Wellness for Women
The primary purpose of this seminar is to show women how to reduce their risk for developing breast cancer by doing a number simple exercises that can easily be done in the shower every day.
Statistically, one out of every eight North American women will be expected to be diagnosed with breast cancer at least once in their lifetimes and one out of every thirty six (3%) will be expected to die from the disease. There are presently about 3 million breast cancer survivors in the entire continent.

BDSM 101 LIVE DEMO - June 8th

Date: 8 Jun 2017 7:30pm
Seminar Leader: Melody Anne / Steven (Mr. Fnord)
Audience: Everyone
Price 40.00

Curious about dipping your toes into the wild world of BDSM, but not sure where to start? Or do you already know you’re kinky, but just want to learn how to go about turning your hottest fantasies into reality? Join Melody Anne and Mr. Fnord for a workshop on the basics of kink, complete with a live demonstration of a sizzling BDSM scene! From communication, consent, and community to roles, relationships, and risks, this class will give you the info you need to safely and confidently explore BDSM, plus teach you some hands-on techniques for maximizing pleasure in your play.

Squirting Class-LIVE DEMO Jun 13th

Date: 13 Jun 2017 7:30pm
Seminar Leader: Redrobin
Audience: Everyone
Price 50.00

Squirting: Let's Get Wet!
Is it just a myth? Absolutely not! Is it fake when shown in porn? Well.. sometimes. Can I/my partner do it? Totally! With this class and live demo, we'll discuss and demonstrate anatomy, how ejaculation works, and how you can do it too - with some tips and tricks! You won't want to miss this one!
This evening is open to everyone. Please arrive on time as evening starts at 7:30pm and doors will be locked at 7:40pm.

Giving Good Head - June 14th

Date: 14 Jun 2017 7:30pm
Seminar Leader: Vera Zyla
Audience: Everyone
Price 35.00

Blow more than your lover's mind! Join us for a fun evening covering erotic techniques and products that will enable you and your partner to enjoy a heightened level of excitement and pleasure. Watch a few DVD clips of some famous blowjob artists at work and learn some new moves that your mother never told you about. Add some new tricks to your next rub lick and blow session and make him moooaaan……


Creative Kissing - June 15th

Date: 15 Jun 2017 7:30pm
Seminar Leader: Emily
Audience: Couples
Price 49.00

Take kissing to the next level. Enjoy two hours of playful intimacy with your partner. Reacquaint yourself with the fun of necking. Tongue play hasn't been this hot since your teens! Let us take control and guide your make-out session - this can be novel, and very sexy foreplay for an unforgettable date night.
Please bring cushions and blanket to lay on!
This class is open to couples of all genders and orientations.

Fearless Flirting - June 19th

Date: 19 Jun 2017 7:30pm
Seminar Leader: Vera Zyla
Audience: Everyone
Price 20.00

Flirting is a powerful skill, and one you can quickly master through techniques presented in this seminar. Vera Zyla, co-owner of The Art of Loving, will help you express your inner flirt through words and body language. Learn some creative opening lines, and the cues that signal that your attention is welcome. Whether you want to flirt online, on the phone or in person, this seminar will help.

Anal Play for Women: LIVE DEMO Jun 20th

Date: 20 Jun 2017 7:30pm
Seminar Leader: Redrobin
Audience: Everyone
Price 50.00

We've all heard that prostate play for men can be very enjoyable, but what about for women? Can a woman enjoy anal play? How do you get started?

Presented by Robyn, this workshop and demo will explore anal play for women, and how to help everyone involved have a great time!

Please note - the doors will be locked at 7:40pm sharp!

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