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How To Have a Great Orgasm - Sept 8th

Date: 8 Sep 2014 7:30pm
Seminar Leader: Vera Zyla
Audience: Women only
Price 25.00

Ever have an orgasm that makes your whole body shake and toes curl? Want to learn how to have one?
This evening is a women’s guide to self-pleasure that includes all the details from the basics of getting started to more advanced tips and techniques. Tickling your fancy includes inviting all of your senses and nurturing them. Embrace your natural ability to enjoy sexual pleasures and orgasm without guilt or inhibitions. Knowing your sweet spots will enhance your lovemaking with your partner too. Join us for a fun evening whether your exploring your sexuality for the first time or you’re an experienced hand looking for a few new tricks.

Breast Massage - Sept 9th

Date: 9 Sep 2014 7:30pm
Seminar Leader: Dr. Paul Tinari
Audience: Everyone
Price 10.00

The purpose of this seminar is to teach the basics of professional breast massage techniques.
Breast massage has been used throughout the world as a means for the promotion of breast health by the enhancement of lymphatic drainage. It is also practiced as a post operative therapy for women who have undergone mastectomies and breast surgery as it helps in breaking down scar tissues and for tissue regeneration. A number of medical studies have demonstrated that women that have regular breast massages tend to suffer from significantly lower rates of breast cancer.

Giving Good Head - Sept 10th

Date: 10 Sep 2014 7:30pm
Seminar Leader: Vera Zyla
Audience: Everyone
Price 35.00

Blow more than your lover's mind! Join us for a fun evening covering erotic techniques and products that will enable you and your partner to enjoy a heightened level of excitement and pleasure. Watch a few DVD clips of some famous blowjob artists at work and learn some new moves that your mother never told you about. Add some new tricks to your next rub lick and blow session and make him moooaaan……

View a video clip of this seminar.

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Blue Water Dreams book reading

Date: 15 Sep 2014 7:30pm
Seminar Leader: Dena Hankins
Audience: Everyone

Dena Hankins reads Blue Water Dreams.
Former sex educator Dena Hankins reads from her queer/trans* romance novel, Blue Water Dreams. Sailing, radical politics, and hot, hot sex characterize this warm, affirming story where love requires no one to give up their dreams. Come talk about trans* presences (or lack thereof) in romance, the anatomy of a great sex scene, and main characters with passions other than their lover.

Free Event. Register here.

Backside Love - Sept 17th

Date: 17 Sep 2014 7:30pm
Seminar Leader: Emily
Audience: Everyone
Price 10.00

Are you curious but you are afraid it will hurt? Maybe you want to try to explore your lover's body? Or possibly you're already into being bottoms up and just want to know more? This class will teach you how to get the most pleasure out of anal play while staying safe and caring for your body. Expect to learn:

- Creative sex communication techniques, including how to introduce the idea of anal sex to your partner. - How to give and/or receive pain free anal sex. - Not if, but how a woman can orgasm from anal pleasure. - Which toys and products can make anal sex easier and more fun. Plus which products are the healthiest, highest quality and have the best price. - Valuable information on safety and hygiene.

G Spot and Female Ejaculation - Sept 30th

Date: 30 Sep 2014 7:30pm
Seminar Leader: Emily
Audience: Everyone
Price 20.00

Having trouble locating or experiencing the pleasures of the G-spot? We want to educate you on how exactly this erectile tissue may want to be approached, prove that it does indeed exist, as well as offer tips on how to experience that trick of all boudoir tricks: female ejaculation!

We will go over illustrations of a woman’s anatomy, to better describe location of you or your partner's G-Spot; then we will talk about different techniques to stimulate and positions to best access the G-Spot.
Although some women have not yet accessed their G-Spot, it doesn’t mean they are unable to necessarily. We will go over why it's different for different women and how to work with those differences.

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