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How To Talk To Your Child About Sex

According to a Time magazine poll (June 15, 1998), only 7 percent of kids “mainly learn about sex” from their parents.

Beauty's Release

Move over 50 Shades! This trilogy can be read in any order. It’s ‘clit lit’ after all and the writing is superb. In the final volume of Anne Rice’s deliciously tantalizing erotic trilogy, Beauty’s adventures on the dark side of sexuality make her the bound captive


Ellery Littleton's book of poetry, a collection of erotic haiku entitled Hummingbird Tattoo, was published by McGee Homewood Publishing of Victoria, BC, Canada, in November, 2010. This 224 page book, contains close to

Erotic Talk

A whispered term of endearment, a flirtatious phrase, a secret suggestion, a cry of passion--words can be the most intimate gift that lovers share. This guide to their sensual power invites us to explore the erotic potential

Shibari: Land

Shibari is the Japanese-inspired art of tying a subject to not only immobilize them, but to do so elegantly and beautifully - creating an intimate and erotic experience for both the subject and the person tying. Adopted by rope enthusiasts


Flirtexting was written by two women, Deb and Liv, who moved to New York City together making a name for themselves in their chosen careers, while simultaneously looking for love, friendship, and fashion. Flirtexting is there to help anyone connect

Sex For One

Confronting one of our last and most deeply rooted taboos - masturbation- noted sex-expert and pro-sex feminist Betty Dodson, Ph.D., takes the shame out of selflove by creating a

Multi-Orgasmic Couple

Every Man, Woman, and Couple can become multi-orgasmic! By harnessing the power of the ancient Taoist tradition, you can learn physical and psychological techniques to experience the bliss of a whole body sexual experience with orgasm after orgasm. Male and female sexual energies have unique qualities, which the

Women's Erotica 2013

Violet Blue is heavily involved in sex education, porn for women, as well as technology. Blue also curates one of the most respected and top selling erotica series for women

101 Nights of Great Sex

Twice a week – every week for one full year! Once a week, you and your lover each pick a sealed page and tear it from the book. No peeking at each other’s seduction! Just follow your secret instructions, and sometime during the week you’ll

Sexual Fantasy Guide

This book is a complete guide to readers who want to use sexual fantasies to change old habits, learn new tricks, and make their sex lives more imaginative. With wit and enthusiasm, sex educator Violet Blue encourages couples to

Sexy Yoga

Tap the power of yoga to invigorate sexual desire, heighten physical pleasure, and develop greater intimacy. Sensual, stimulating and guaranteed to improve sexual performance, Sexy Yoga relates

Becoming Orgasmic

Whether married or single, young or old, the program presented in Becoming Orgasmic will help you feel comfortable with yourself and your ideas about sex and enable you to grow as a person.

Japanese Bondage

From ornately decorative to excruciatingly stringent, Japanese rope bondage is an art which has developed over centuries of martial and erotic practice. Accomplished Japanese-born educator and bondage

Healing Love

Learn to harness sexual energy and increase vitality! Written to aid in the cultivation and transformation of sexual energy through Taoist practices, Healing

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