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Expert Guide to Oral Sex

Justine Joli leads a group of couples in a hands-on workshop on cunnilingus, where she teaches about female sexual anatomy

Expert Guide to Positions

From slow and sensual to fast and frenzied, watch and learn as 18 different positions are demonstrated by sexy, enthusiastic

Passion And Power

This documentary film offers surprising new information which calls into question all we thought we knew about our own bodies, our own pleasure, and

Expert Guide to Anal Sex

Sex Ed for a New Generation Village Voice Columnist and anal sex expert Tristan Taormino leads a group of couples in a class in the anatomy, tips, and techniques of anal pleasure.

Nina Hartley’s Guide to Swinging

Queen of Swing, adult star and registered nurse Nina Hartley shows you how to explore the

Fire In The Valley

Education for your hands and heart. You will learn thirty pleasurable massage strokes, erotic communication skills, ecstatic breath work,

Anal Pleasure

Jack Morin, Ph.D., the world's leading expert on anal eroticism and sexual health is host of this frank and factual overview of this exotic, much misunderstood sexual practice. We investigate the myths & misconceptions surrounding this often taboo topic. Discovery


What part of the male body receives the most touch with the least creativity? Join Joseph Kramer as he shows you more than 20 innovative masturbation strokes to awaken self-love, and boundless pleasure.

Femme a Femme

Enter the sensual world of erotic massage for the female body- given by three female professional massage practitioners with step-by-step

Devine Nectar

Please join us for an erotic, educational and visionary journey into the ecstatic dimensions of female ejaculation. Through the revolutionary process of reclaiming our Divine Nectar, we can activate the

Bendover Boyfriend

In this classic, you'll learn how to: build your confidence to ask for anal sex with your partner, role-playing and fantasy, find the best anal sex positions and techniques, choose the right

Dare to Bare

Practiced by lovers for centuries, shaving the most intimate of areas has become one of the most popular trends behind bedroom doors today. Dare to Bare gives tips on essential tools and techniques for safe and sensual

Eyes of Desire

When Longing Turns to Obsession. A soft-spoken, beautiful photographer retreats to her friend's hillside home to re-think her relationship and career. The quiet gives rise to an unspoken "longing" for something she cannot define… a sensual awakening that is fueled by the discovery of her

The "O" Tapes

Why are so many women non-orgasmic? For three years, a film crew traveled America to ask women about provocative subjects only they can answer. Everything you ever wanted to know about... masturbation, good

How To Dominate a Man

Adult star veteran, registered nurse and sex educator Nina Hartley introduces the consensual domination of a male lover by a trusted partner. Explains and demonstrates power exchange

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