Featured Seminars

Spring is Time for Flirting!

Flirting is a powerful skill, and one you can quickly master through techniques presented in this seminar. Vera Zyla, co-owner of The Art of Loving, will help you express your inner flirt through words and body language. Learn some creative opening lines, and the cues that signal that your attention is welcome. Whether you want to flirt online, on the phone or in person, this seminar will help.

Wicked Wax Play LIVE DEMO

Wax play can take on many forms, from a relaxing sensual massage to squeals and squirms! This class will cover the basics of wax play including safety, types of wax,

Vulva Massage LIVE DEMO

Learn the sacred art of vulva massage and how to expand your capacity for pleasure. In this live demo class we will first discuss the basic foundations of touch, communication and how understanding the anatomy of

Cock Massage LIVE DEMO

Caffyn Jesse will talk about men’s erotic anatomy and demonstrate how to touch in ways that expand sexual power and pleasure for men. She will discuss differences between

Valentine's Kissing Classes

We have two steamy nights of Creative Kissing this Valentine’s week: February 13th and 14th, 2016. Bring your blankets and pillows and

Power of Pussy

As women, the relationship we have with our pussies is the most formative of our erotic life and often a mix of joy, pleasure, regret and

How To Have a Great Orgasm

Ever have an orgasm that makes your whole body shake and toes curl? Want to learn how to have one?

Rope Bondage

Combine the erotic with the decorative, add a little power exchange, a promise of heighten sensation, and an option for an intensely connective

FREE Nude Model Drawing

Join us on October 19th to explore your inner erotic artist by painting a nude model! No

Talk Dirty to Me

Talk Dirty is a fun exploration of sexual language and communication. Learn how sexy talk can increase the connection, intimacy and passion

Fearless Flirting

Vera Zyla, co-owner of the Art of Loving, helps you express your inner flirt. This evening will help you get out of your own way and powerfully

Tantric Massage on Men Seminar

Give your man an evening of sensual pleasure! Rev up his erotic engine and learn some practical methods in the art of erotic ceremony, the ultimate in

Get…and Keep the Relationship You Want: 7 Principles of Relationship Masters

In this 2-hour educational workshop (not therapy), attendees will gain practical tools for increasing intimacy, passion, and reducing conflict,

Dirty Talk on March 19th

Dirty talk deepens our sexual experience. It increases erotic pleasure and builds connection and intimacy between partners. There’s a dirty talk style for all personality types and sexual occasions. This

Omni-Orgasmic and Beyond!

It is said that our sex life and sexuality is a reflection of how we live our life. If you are ready to enhance your knowledge, awareness and skills regarding your own sensual, erotic and orgasmic capacities and unite sexuality and spirituality, this workshop is for you!

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