Sex Tips

Super Bug

The World Health Organization (WHO) are warning that a gonorrhoea superbug is not responding to antibiotics so

Curious about Rope Play?

We carry a colourful selection of conditioned, hand-dyed hemp and jute rope made locally. There's also a good selection of silky smooth and less expensive nylon rope which is a great for beginners. A seasoned

Going too Deep?

If you or your partner has a penis that is too long to enjoy deep penetration without painfully hitting the cervix, try using a beefy cock ring or even a Fleshlight Quickshot

Why Paraben Free?

When products are paraben-free it means they don’t contain any esters (a compound that is formed from

Hybrid Lubricants

A collection of lubes we carry are developing a devoted following as they offer the washable convenience of water-based

Clitoral Suckers

A new kind of toy for women is worth checking out as it's getting quite the copycat flattery. A toy which both puts suction and

Playing Dress up after Halloween

With Halloween sadly another year away, why not continue to play dress up at one of the sexy dress up parties in town? People often ask us what the

Bedtime Stories

Find a sexy novel or series of short stories to your taste, and take turns reading aloud to each other the next time you cuddle up. It can be an exciting, not

Slip and Slide Sex

I think we all know that great sex is often messy. This tip is for those of you who love slip and slides, waterslides and…sex. It’s going to be the most fun you could have indoors. If you have some

Making You Wet

Here are a few fun tips for getting it on in the bathtub or shower: Bring liquid edibles in with you! Replace the shampoo bottles

Foreplay Ideas for Him

Here are a few creative ways to start off your next blow job. They work best if he’s standing or sitting on the side of the

Read My Lips

How do you use words to arouse your partner? Do you? Turn on your partner by communicating your desire in stereo. There

Doing the CAT position

Have you heard of the CAT position? A 2 inch adjustment can turn the position least likely to bring a woman to orgasm into one that will easily get her there. The missionary position often needs

Fun Facts on Men and Masturbation!

Here are some interesting things to keep in mind if your sex life is solo, guys: From WebMD
“Masturbation doesn't have the health benefits that sex does.
"It appears that not all orgasms are created equally," says Tobias S. Köhler, MD, MPH, an associate

Lube it up!

Here’s a sexy anytime show you can perform without any props but a nice hard cock and lubed up vulva! Straddle your guy with his erection between your legs. It’s easiest if you rest up on your knees. Then, glide up and down with your hands around it as you rub each of you to ecstasy.

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