Non-Monogamy 101 -March 25th

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Non-Monogamy 101

Are you curious about non-monogamy? Maybe you’re thinking about opening up your relationship, or are interested in someone who identifies as non-monogamous, poly, or open. What do all of those terms even mean?

Whether you need to know if non-monogamous people simply don’t feel jealousy (spoiler alert: we do!), or need guidance for how to approach the conversation with a partner, this workshop is about relationships that fall outside of the norms of monogamy.

We will cover different terminology, different types of relationship styles, and the most important part: how to communicate this all with your partner or prospective partners! Start on your own journey of exploring relationship styles and finding what fits best for you.

Please note - the doors will be locked at 7:35pm sharp!

*We require a minimum of 6 guests to proceed with this seminar. If we do not reach that attendance level your payment will be refunded & you will be notified of the seminars cancellation.

Seminar Leader:

Dusty Rhodes is a sex educator, pole performer, kinkster, and certified good boy. He’s been working in the sex industry for the past 6 years, and has over a decade of experience as a toy collector and BDSM lifetyler. Passionate about sexual pleasure, personal agency, communication and discovery, he’s dedicated to helping folks explore their sexualities in a genuine way and to find out more about what gets them excited.