When I wrote this I had a bit of misgivings about generalizing about sex toys, so take this as a starting point that can be applied to any couple of any sexual or gender identity. No ones body is build the same so this list is a good place to start and hopefully it will help you get going in a fun direction.

1.A Great penis toy – For days when your lazy or just want the mind-blowing texture of a great masturbation sleeve. We recommend the Tenga Flip Hole that combines texture and side pressure panels to create a mind-blowing experience. The Tenga eggs are also great if you want a travel option with the same quality packed in a small egg case.

2. A Compact Vibe- These are a must have for anyone who has a clit but are also great when combined with butt plugs that can accommodate a vibe. We recommend the Touch by we vibe if you like a slightly more ergonomic fit and feel. This vibe is small but it has some nice rumble to it. As a bonus if you’re a power lover and dont mind a large toy try the must loved Magic wand in classic  or rechargeable.

3. LUBE! – When doing some research for this I saw some blogs saying woman shouldn’t need lube for intercourse and I wanted to throw some lube at them!  Never feel bad if you or a partner needs lube to enjoy sex or other sexual activities. Lube reduces friction and enhances sensation and is often essential if you have a physical disability, if your older or if you’re on hormones. We recommend Sliquid H2O as a classic water-based lube, Uber lube for a silicone choice (just don’t use with silicone toys) and Liquid silk as a hybrid Lube( available in store). Thank you for listening to my Lube PSA.

4. A simple butt plug- Not everyone likes butt stuff but everyone has a butt. Adding a little anal play to your sex routine can add extra stimulation for a woman or can help a man discover his prostate. Always take it slow with anal play and use plenty of lube. Hybrid or thicker water-based lube are a great option here because they dry out slower and you won’t need to apply as often. Here at the art of loving we have lots of options but my top picks for your rear end would have to be the Pleasure Plug series which gives you four sizes to choose from. A bonus for those with a prostate is the Aneros Helix which has many prostate havers approval and can be worn during sex or masturbation.

5. A little kinky gear- Not everyone is kinky and some may already have some of this gear and more it all comes down to preference. A great starting point is some comfortable Velcro cuffs. Velcro cuffs are great because nerve damage is a lot less of a risk than with traditional metal cuffs. We recommend the fifty shades cuffs  and the cumfy cuffs for those who are getting started with restraints. As a bonus grab a mini flogger for some fun impact play.  

As a sex shop the art of loving’s goal is to make your sex life better so feel free to come in and ask us about anything you read here or other questions you may have about your sex toy needs.