Going to bed and getting a good night’s sleep being a thing that is overrated, I decided late last night to get involved in a lengthy facebook debate about the movie “(500) Days of Summer”.

A friend was tearily lauding its ability to tug at her heartstrings, while I and other friends maintained that it was by turns overwrought, kitschy, obnoxious, and not altogether devoid of sexism. I linked to a post I read awhile back by Sady Doyle (http://tigerbeatdown.com/2010/03/16/joseph-gordon-levitt-studies-departm...) about why the movie is messed up, and then I just went right ahead and read the whole thing again, because it is funny and a good read and I do not like to sleep anyway, and THEN I started to read some of the comments because whatever I like having an excuse to drink ridiculous amounts of coffee anyway, and what HAPPENED was that it brought up something interesting for me.

A lot of people were pointing out that, although Doyle’s criticism of Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character was not unfounded, it was unnecessary, because, they maintained, the movie was well aware of what an annoying, self-absored, whiny wanker he was. It was, they said, meant to be an exercise in unreliable narrator-ship (narrative? Narratism? Narwhal?); JGL’s character is completely deluded about his relationship with Whatsersixtieshairdo, and we are meant not to sympathize with him, but to think critically about his unrealistic approach to romance. This was INTERESTING to me, because I had been taking the film at face value, and not giving it the benefit of possibly having an alterior, more subversive motive. I saw it, and thought “she SAID she didn’t want you to be her boyfriend, you didn’t LISTEN, stop calling her a WHORE, you STUPID MOVIE” when in fact, perhaps, the movie was yelling the same thing at Joseph Gordon-Levitt the whole time. Who knows? Something to waste time thinking about.

I maintain that the hipster motif was irritating and overdone, the humour was trying too hard, and the ending made me want to shoot my own face off with a shotgun loaded with blunt knives... but maybe at least it wasn’t as sexist as I initially thought? Possibly? That would be good.

I also grudgingly admit that Zooey Deschanel’s hair is great, and I wish it were growing out of my head. But it’s not.

Not yet.