A blurb about our new penis pocket / extender / dildo toy: the Colussus had the term 'PPA' in it. As I was drawing a blank, I searched the internet until I found a list of 66 definitions for PPA. As 'Prosthetic Penis Attachment' wasn't on the list I thought, Hmmmaybe this one? from the choices. Preferred Provider Arrangement, Please Provide Assistance, Pistol Packerz Anonymous, Physical Point Of Attachment, or Pseudorotation Phase Angle?

To sneak a peak of Colossus, the Prosthetic Penis Attachment:

Post Script: By the way, our business name on transactions reads as the acronym TAOL. Make up any number of 66 definitions for your accountant other than The Art of Loving if you feel the need! The Addition of Letters, The Awfully Old Loofah...