Adventures in Kissing!

Many people inquire of who shows up at our classes. Curious to know whether they would fit in, be affronted or even mildly traumatized perhaps?

I have to admit I expected more than a few smelly hermit types to emerge for at least the live demonstrations!
Men and women curious to learn and let out their inner voyeurs fill Ki's live classes. Generally people are mid-twenties to fifties, and all are people I enjoy meeting.

If you're curious, I can honestly say that you may run into a colleague or an ex's mother which has happened, but really; who's to say you'll be the MOST embarrassed one?

Valentine's weekend and the two kissing classes were comprised of a young lesbian couple, several het couples who had been married for over 5 years, and a few who had only been together less than 2. One couple joined us who were on their first date. That's one way to ensure the date was at least interesting and gauge how promising, huh?