Meet your new more and more affordable best friend The Mini Trigger and say goodbye to the Lelo Ina Wave. The Mini Trigger is one of the only toys with a medium price point and oscillating technology that gives you that classic “come hither motion “made of %100 silicone and an abs plastic handle this toy is sure to stand up to its more expensive competitors.

                We love this toy because it is one of the only toys with such effective oscillating technology. It will massage your g-spot in a consistent way that a finger just can’t.  The easy to hold small toy is great for travel and is fairly quiet to boot just the sound of the motor moving up and down. Not to mention this toy is very rumbly with some wild patterns to tantalize your senses and comes with a 2-year warranty.

                If you’re on the hunt for a motion-based vibrator that doesn’t break the bank then look no further because the mini trigger sells for only 90.00 at a comparable cost of Lelo Ina Wave at $310.00 that’s a great place to start.