Is the Age of Ganja Sex Upon Us?

While Vancouver and the rest of BC has liberally enjoyed practically legal marijuana for years now, just a few months ago all of Canada was gifted the joys of legal ganga. What a time to be alive!

Unless, of course, you’re like me, and can’t touch the stuff due to the way it intermingles with your anxiety. While others can happily smoke up and sit back to enjoy the ride, my mind races and panic sets in after just one puff. While I am honestly ok with whatever substances people want to enjoy (within reason of course) I may have been the only person in all of Canada not jumping for joy last October. My life stayed, basically, exactly the same as before.

That is, of course, until I discovered the huge boom in CBD infused sex products that we are now seeing here in the store. Increased visibility of the healing properties of CBD and a sharp decrease in stigmatisation has allowed for these products to take a prime spot on store shelves.

One such wonderful product is “Bella Aqua d’Amore”, a CBD infused, water-based lubricant. This product is an absolute god-send for anyone who, like me, struggles with anxiety. The vagina is highly sensitive and absorbent, allowing the CBD to be absorbed straight into the erogenous zones. Make sure to give it 20 – 30 minutes to really sink in and work its magic (a wonderful excuse for a luxuriously long fore-play session). This glorious lube makes everything feel so relaxed and receptive, allowing you to be more present in the body and alleviating any unwanted sexual anxiety or worry that might creep around the edges of sexual play. It also increases arousal and prolongs orgasms; what’s not to love???

I look forward to seeing the ways that CBD will continue to revolutionise sex products and cater to women and men who experience anxiety, vaginismus and all other kinds of conditions. I think we are only at the beginning of this magnificent journey!

For a full review of this product and comparison, see this article by Angel at Lupespace.

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