And please don't come to the parade.

Pedophilia has made it into the news lately as new research into the brains of pedophiles has surfaced. Which is great. The Head of Research in the Sexual Behaviors Clinic from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health stressed the importance of talking about it openly and of support options like the Prevention Project Dunkelfeld hotline in Germany that counsels people fantasizing about children.

What would be just fantastic, though, is if they could stop trying to classify it as a sexual orientation.

I like to think of myself as a pretty accepting person. As long as you’re not acting on it, I don’t think being attracted to children makes you immediately evil (just like having a rape fantasy doesn't mean you would actually want to be raped). I do think that it would be a much easier issue to deal with if pedophiles could come out and talk about their urges without being immediately shunned from society. It’s absurd to think that we could prevent child abuse from happening by shaming pedophiles back into hiding.

But here’s the thing: sexual orientation refers to the sexes and genders you’re attracted to. So... like, explain to me when “child” became a gender.

Call me a bitter, guarded queer with absolutely zero trust for medical and mental health institutions when it comes to sexuality. Really, call me that. Because I am.

Considering their histories of abusing and institutionalizing gender and sexual minorities, classifying us as mentally ill, treating us (especially men who do men) like proverbial lepers, comparing us to sex offenders despite the fact that queer sex is still consensual sex, I’m not exactly thrilled to hear they’ve invited the pedophiles to our party without running it by us.

Party foul, guys.