Animal Sex that'll make you feel better about your own mating rituals

I have this weird fascination with animals and bugs. A biology hobbyist? Anyway, in my spare time I was reading about various mating habits that some creatures have and wanted to share. Purely entertainment. Here goes:

Whiptail lizards: These girls are amazing little creatures. Why do I say girls? Because the whiptails have no males! How very Jurassic Park hey? The females couple up and dance the mating dance to stimulate egg production. Then, they clone themselves!

Clownfish: They live together in pods of one female, one breeding male, and a few non-breeding males. If/when the female dies, the breeding male (get this) turns into a female! Then the biggest of the non-breeding males becomes the one and only breeding male.

Bedbugs: As if we don’t hate these guys enough… they don’t even bother with female sex organs! The males just stab the females and lodge in their sperm. Ouch!

Bowerbirds: The males build these crazy coordinated bachelor pads. They will place flowers, feathers, stones, bits of plastic and glass and they will all match in colour. They obsess over it!

Argonauts: Weird, tiny octopi. The Argonaut male can make a little ball of spermatozoa and shoot its penis out to swim alone towards the female he fancies.

Flatworm: A hermaphrodite sea slug type thing. They have two penises which they use to hunt food and fight with other flatworm. If one stabs another, the sperm is transferred and the loser becomes a new mom.

Honey bees: The few drones that are somehow selected to mate with the queen have it rough. During mating, their genitals explode and snap off inside the queen!

Bonobos: My favourite. They have sex for everything. Food trade, fun, resolving fights, pleasure, greetings. Not just genital to genital intercourse… these guys French kiss, masturbate, give each other oral sex, everything! Perhaps we should take a lesson?