"Are those boobs!?"

This is a question I hear a lot when the pin on my denim jacket meets someone's eye. Yes, amongst a collection of band logos, cartoon characters, and political statements is a set of breasts sporting sparkly black nipple pasties.


A year ago, I went to Screaming Chicken's "Vegas and Bust" fundraiser for their Las Vegas tour expecting a strip club atmosphere and a bunch of leering men and had my first introduction to burlesque. Harry Potter characters with pasties that looked like the Golden Snitch and a performer in a pope hat who was introduced with a spin on The Exorcist ("the power of Christ compels her... to take off her clothes!") had me hooked immediately. I left with my titty button and a vow to take a burlesque class myself.


My vow has yet to be fulfilled but the button has served as the most effective conversation piece I have.