Ask Who dot What?

Browsing through one of my favourite for-entertainment-only websites, a certain article caught my eye. An article with a title so confident, one simply could not ignore it! The article was called This Is The Kind Of Sex Women Actually Want. Really? Really.

I read the article and was a bit shocked to see that there were some decent tips for dudes who still believe they can penetrate a woman dry and hump away into mutual ecstasy. So I read on...

The more I read, the more surprised I was. One point that I found particularly pleasing was that it actually touched on the subjects of premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. I kept being surprised at how this (my opinion at the time) macho-looking pisstake of a website was geared towards issues that a lot of men out there have a lot of trouble talking about. I mean yes, there are sections on how to get a date with a model, and polls on which celebrities are sexiest.

So to all the guys and gals at, I'm sorry for judging you so harshly.