Baby Momma

Over the last few days I have read about and had several discussions with people over the recent article published in the Vancouver “Province” newspaper regarding the mother who felt she was discriminated against for having been refused entry to a Bard on the Beach show with her young baby. She felt that she was wronged and refused admission due to the fact that she is breastfeeding.

Let me first say that being a woman in my 30’s I have many friends who have had babies recently. I think that breastfeeding is healthy and natural. I have no problem with any woman who wants to pull out her boob anywhere, anytime, to provide for her infant, or to soothe and comfort them. I would certainly rather see a little, (or rather big nipple), in public than listen to a screaming child of any age.

And yet I disagree with this woman’s point of view. I think that it’s fair to have a policy that looks out for the interest of all of the patrons so that they are able to have an enjoyable evening at the theatre, undisrupted by distractions...I checked Bard’s website and it is clearly stated that their policy is children under the age of 6 are not permitted at any of the performances.

Perhaps the tickets were purchased as a gift or this lady simply missed that section when she was on the website? Fair enough, but perhaps common sense could come in to play here? If it were me, I think I would have taken a moment to reflect on the fact that this policy could have some merit to it.

We have all, at times been disappointed when we are looking forward to something and it doesn’t work out as planned. Rather than screaming discrimination to a local newspaper I think I would have written an email to the organizers of Bard, explaining that I was not aware of the policy, and requesting a refund.

Honestly, it’s one night out and not the end of the world. Bard will be there next year, and years after that.