The best aphrodisiac is an idea whose time has come *wink*

We had some customers from Europe in the store recently looking to buy Spanish Fly. I had to look it up, so convinced was I that it was only a mythical product for purchase. I was aware that historically it was used to get bulls aroused for breeding purposes but thought use on humans was just an urban myth. Did they really use it on humans? Was it safe?

After some research, I discovered that Spanish fly has been known to increase blood flow but it can also can also seriously irritate your urinary tract. Not so much fun. It is illegal in North America though from searches on the internet I found that E-bay sells it and there are numerous brands to choose from. Some sources claim it is not only one of the oldest aphrodisiacs in the world but also one of the most dangerous. Too much of it can poison you.

Some of the sites I visited stated that most products in North |America claiming to be Spanish fly are most likely cayenne pepper or some other fraudulent substance given it is illegal to sell on North America.

The larger question for me is “Since when did desire – a complex interface of mind body and emotion - get reduced to a question of increased blood flow? “ In my view that’s just a symptom of our “quick fix” aka take-a-pill-for-it approach to solving some of life’s beautiful mysteries.

Call me old fashioned but nothing boosts my libido like an imaginative, playful and open hearted lover who offers me quality time and attention. Truly, my belief is that the best aphrodisiacs are mental and emotional in nature. And while there is no quick fix for that we do have a great selection of books to give you ideas for creative play.

And right now we have a 50% sale on a selection of books that can offer you just that: ideas. How sexy is that? *wink*