Best "Blurred Lines" Parody videos

Robin Thicke is gross and so is his rapist anthem. If that sounds like a harsh criticism of "Blurred Lines", feel free to go back and watch the music video again. You know, the one where topless women dance around fully dressed men and wiggle, disinterested, while he shoves his creepy face into their necks and says "I know you want it." Or read the GQ interview where he admits that the song was based on harrassing women. Yup.

While that shit ain't cute, some creepy clouds have a silver lining. And this one's is that badass ladies across the internet have been responding with awesome, hilarious, and poignant parodies. These are some of my faves: 

YES. YES YES YES. Mod Carousel (a Seatle boylesque group) manages to highlight the absolute silliness of objectified female bodies in the original video via gender-swap, and it's still sexy as hell. Bonus points for the hilarious balloon arrangements. 

Law students from New Zealand (with a cameo from the Lelo Ina!) have a sassy, biting response to the idea that consent can have "blurred lines". YouTube actually banned the video a few days ago but an online petition was quickly started to have them review the decision.

Probably the most to-the-point parody I've seen with the lines "Just let me liberate you/Won't intimidate you/But then you try to rape me"