Beyond the Flowers and Lingerie

It has always fascinated me how it's the subtle ways a person can turn another on in a big way. I have a current thing for certain nose bridges. There is something massively virile to me about a mid-sized nose bridge that does way more for me than a set of tight biceps or butt. Before that, it was hair long enough for me to grab and I didn't look at anyone who was bald or had a short cut.

So strange how these little things affect my vagina's brain and how they'll change into something else next year. I have no idea where any of mine come from as genetically, the men in my family don't have these traits at all. As for women, I was riveted to the screen whenever a female hockey team was on during the Olympics but couldn't care less about the men playing. Women in jerseys getting it done? Yum! I wonder what the next turn on will be? Skinny jeans emerging from white sedans? I hope not.