Birchbox for sex toys? OMG

So anyone who knows me, know that I love Birchbox type stuff. The anticipation at what might be in the box is almost like the feeling of opening up a Christmas present except it's every month! You never know what you might get!

If you don't know what birchbox is, basically you pay a subscription fee and the website will send you a box full of stuff! Sometimes the box items cost more than the fee you pay so you could get great deals on things! It also gives you a chance to try out and get exposed to products that you never would get for yourself in stores.

I found a birchbox type for sex toys called Boink Box. They have three different types of subscriptions and they send you a list of activities and ideas you can try with the contents of the box. They also cater to people with penises and people with vaginas so there's literally something there for everyone. You can also unsubscribe at any time if you feel like your sex toy collection has gotten to ridiculous amounts (but than again, you can never have enough right?)

1) Monthly Makeout Box - You get lube and small sexy items every month for $25.

2) Monthly Box - You get lube, sex toys, and fun stuff to explore for $50.

3) Quarterly Luxury Box - Every three months, you get a luxury toy, lube and surprise items for $85.

Definitely something to sign up if you want surprise sex toys every month ;)

Here's the link for those willing to sign up!