Box Lunch: the layperson's guide to cunninglingus by Diana Cage

This book is a great little guide to cunnilingus "written for straight women, gay women and straight men alike"(though I'll let you be the judge of that). Just as a boxed lunch has more than one menu item, this book does not limit itself to the act of cunnilingus alone.

Yes, it covers what you'd expect: basic anatomy, safer sex information, and methods and positions conducive to "yodelling up the valley". There's a chapter on positions, penetration and sex toys as well as information on how to prepare, talk about and warm up for the act.  There are tips on methods to stimulate her, how to read her body language and some reviews of different lubes you may want to use (if you are playing with toys or not). As well, it dabbles in top-bottom play (tips on how to please a top or bottom), and  includes some bondage tips and a short section on erotic spanking.

The book also includes interesting tidbits of information such as three pages of quirky alternative names for pussy (e.g squeezebox, Cupid's alley and Hoo-ha), cunnilingus positions from the Kama Sutra (such as the fifteen kissing techniques known as Kakila, or the "Crow") and foods to eat or avoid if you want your fluids to smell and taste good.

Overall, a fun, entertaining and instructive book - with a hip, bright pink cover and only $16.95.