Burcu's Sexiness

There are lots of sex shops, sexuality centers, lingerie shops, and so on that we know are sex-friendly and we go to these places to purchase or talk about sexy things. The other day I went to a vintage clothing store called Burcu’s Angels. It used to be on Main and 10th but moved to 16th and Main a few years ago.

I was looking at the clothing rack outside at some bustiers, poofy dresses, and various lacy things with my partner when the shop owner, Burcu, strolls out the door in a satin robe and holding a cigarette and exclaims something like “Ooooooh it’s sexyyy tiiiiime ahahahahahaha!”.

At first we reacted with a WHOA but as we spent more time in the store talking to her and her lovely staff and looking at (and eventually purchasing) the lovely clothing and accessories I came to the conclusion that she is simply an amazingly open minded, kind hearted, sex-positive woman and she’s not afraid to show it.

It’s not every day you walk into a small clothing boutique and end up feeling comfortable enough to have the store owner tell your partner how to dress sexy for you.

Fantastic shop, highly recommended and damn sexy!