Buying V-Day gifts

A lot of people will walk into a sex shop in the days before Valentine's day looking to buy something spicy for their sweetheart. This is a great idea, provided you know what items will and will not embarrass or offend your partner.

In the "Safe" category you have things like condoms, lubes, massage products, sexy board games, and amusing novelty gifts. Many books are also a safe gift, everyone loves learning.

In the "Questionable" category we've got things like vibrators. Women tend to be picky about vibrators, but if you know your girl's taste and know she's in the market for a new toy then by all means help her out! The same thing applies for erotic videos as well.

Anything that would fall into the "Probably not a good idea" category are things you and your partner have not talked about whatsoever. Often bringing home a leather paddle and ball gag will result in tragedy if you've never discussed BDSM activities together. You should also steer clear from things which could be taken as an insult. Just think about it and you'll know what falls into this category.

At any rate, V-day gifts are always a great opportunity to make your partner smile. It doesn't need to be something expensive either. A romantic home-cooked dinner for two or some time taken to go star-gazing together are usually awesome activities. Even if it's just a card or a heart-shaped lolly pop everyone enjoys knowing their partner did a little something extra for the holiday.