My partner and I have recently opened up our relationship and have begun to explore the world of other lovers. I’m really excited! I have been thinking about way back, before we met… How I had a strict rule of not having “boyfriends”, I only had lovers. I made this very distinct line for those males who wished to join my little harem, although looking back, was it a way to protect myself emotionally? Quite possible. I still felt in my power back then though, that was very clear and beautiful. When I was ready and asked for a monogamous relationship, it appeared. We have now been together for just over 3 years and we both feel that we are in a place where we are healthy and strong enough to explore that side of sex and relationships again, together. That’s the new part for both of us… Being in a committed relationship and seeing other people…. And it’s ok? Wow. I went out the other night and connected with this man, something I would have restrained before. And it’s been fabulous to just let whatever happen, happen.

Anyways, I was thinking about before and how I mostly wanted the sexual aspect of the poly world… Fucking lots of different men, I always had my pick of partners for the evening. It felt fantastic to feel so desired all the time! This time around feels much differently, like I’m more interested in the love, connection and experience and not so concerned with quantity and staying at an arms distance. I want to embrace all of the love this time around. Having my cake and eating it too… So special!