Caveboy Meets Cavegirl

I've been poking through Sex at Dawn, one of the newest additions to our book section, on the advice of one of my favourite people, noted homo and heretic, Dan Savage. I'm not far in, but I highly recommend it already. Not only is it a roaring good read, but rife with fascinating historical trivia as well. Did you know that Darwin, in his bachelorhood, once made a list detailing the pros and cons of getting married vs. getting a dog?

If the term “evolutionary psychology” doesn’t whet your appetite as far as genres of non-fiction go, fear not. This isn’t some drab research paper full of technical jargon and obscure quotes which aren’t translated out of the original Old High German. It’s extremely accessibly written, and, in fact, quite hilarious.

The general gist of the book is that monogamy is not all that it's cracked up to be. It doesn't claim that the standard happily-ever-after isn't right for anybody, just that’s it’s not for everybody, despite what’s been hammered into our cultural mindset for centuries. It’s backed up by considerable research, and even if the findings aren’t for you, it’s worth a gander just for the sake of reconsidering everything you’ve always assumed about human sexuality.

Besides, if you don’t read it, how else will you learn about Darwin’s proclivity toward Your Mama-isms, or what Victoria’s secret really was?