Challenging Times (Part 1)

I’ve just read some of the biggest load of crap I’ve ever exposed my poor brain to. I was doing my usual weekly browse of sex related news online and came across an article in an Australian online news site.

It was about the reasons why women have sex. I don’t even wanna get into it.

Usually bad, barely scraping the surface yet still a proper newspaper type media doesn’t irk me this much but today it did.

After I read that article (which I seriously considered printing and wiping my ass with) I felt so much despair for our species. I felt a little better when I read the comments because, as comments usually go, everyone was bashing the article.

It just saddens me so much that women (and everyone else too) blame themselves and their bodies for not feeling good, for not receiving pleasure.

I also wish that everyone who has ever faked an orgasm (you know who you are, because it’s most of us) would go back and tell the people they faked it with that it happened. Maybe then true information on orgasms (only about a fifth of women able to orgasm sans clitoral stimulation) would be easier to digest. Le sigh.