Male chastity seems to be taking rise in our (not so) humble city. Every once in a while we Art of Loving staff get a phone call from a penis-owning patron who was put into chastity by a partner, dom, top, whatever. Most of the time I find these phone calls amusing, as they are often about the wearer wanting “help” getting out of the device without their dom knowing. Sometimes (most of the time) it’s very obvious that the device wearer is seeking to play, to make whoever was unfortunate enough to pick up the phone a part of their role play, perhaps after being dared or ordered by their partner/dom/top/self. Sometimes it’s fine, sometimes it’s not cool. That’s for you to use your common sense.

Other times, the phone call is really about health and safety. Is it safe to wear long term? Will it do any damage? Will my wife find out?

If the device is affecting blood flow to and/or from your penis/balls you shouldn’t be wearing it for more than 20-25 minutes at a time. Most male chastity devices are made more comfortably and loosely for this not to be an issue. If you’re unsure though, you should probably check with a health care practitioner and not one of the gals at the sex shop. Just sayin’.