Cold Outside, Hot in the Bedroom

Vancouver has FINALLY got it's dusting of snow mid February. But while it may be unseasonably cold outside today, it doesn't have to reflect in a cold sex life. Snow and rain has often been referred to (by...just myself probably) as perfect sex weather. Son blast your space heater, leave you socks on and snuggle up with your play partner!

You can get extra hot and bothered with Jo All in One: Warming Massage Glide which gently warms upon contact. Use as a sensual massage oil or as a lube for a spicy kick! Cold dreary days are also wonderful opportunities to put time aside to practice your Tantra. With nothing to do all day but stay cozy, you won't struggle to find the time to treat your partner to a tantric yoni or lingam massage, or other kinds of tantric practices. You can learn more about tantric massage right here in our Vancouver sex toy store (369 West Broadway) on the 25th of February or the 11th of March.

Playing solo on your chilly evening? Throw another blanket on your bed and treat yourself to multiple rolling orgasms with the Womanizer Pro, or stick to our snowy theme with the "Fleshlight: Ice Lady", a completely transparent masturbation sleeve that lets you see all the action