For Cunny lovers

If you love to give cunninglingus and are curious about learning techniques to expand on your talent, check out “The LowDown on Going Down: How To Give Her Mind-Blowing Oral Sex”, written by Marcy Michaels. Michaels is a speech pathologist and her area of expertise perfectly sets her up to help you become an expert in the art of cunnylovin'.  This book will prepare you to have a relaxed throat, mouth and jaw, as well as a strong and dexterous tongue - all critical tools if you want to be crowned for your talent in going down. You see, tension in the jaw, throat or neck of the practitioner will limit the pleasure for both giver and receiver. To remedy this, Michaels suggests not only specific exercises to relieve throat, jaw and open mouth tension but she also recommends particular coupling positions for particular actions – some for licking, some for tongue penetrating, all the while keeping in mind the comfort of both giver and receiver.

As a speech pathologist she knows a lot about tongues. The book includes numerous mouth and tongue exercises – for both beginner and seasoned practitioners. Follow her advice and you will  strengthen your staying power and expand your pleasure tooling ability.

Also included in the book is some basic female anatomy, suggestions for warm ups, and lesser known erogenous zones to tease and titillate in preparation. There is a chapter on oral sex basics, vibrators dills and toys, and a chapter on kissing. The kissing chapter includes oral etiquette tips, lip exercises and lots of kinds of kisses. 

I wholeheartedly  recommend this book for beginners and masters alike. Get a copy for only $13.99, practice up and then share your prowess with your lover as a special Valentine’s gift surprise.

She'll love you for it.