Dating In A Recession, and Recommended Reading

My Beau and I don't go out anymore.

It's not that our lives have become that boring now that we are an Old Married Couple - it's just that with him unemployed and us planning a cross-country move at the end of this month, the money isn't there. And given the economy, it probably won't be there for a while.

That means no dinners out, no going to see the new Wolverine movie in theatres, no day trips to the Vancouver Art Gallery. Our evenings on the town usually consist of collective meetings (free food!) and Fuck Of And Dance parties (cheap beer!) and the occasional show, whenever a friend's band is playing somewhere. In short, we've taken to staying in a lot, mostly just to save money.

Which isn't to say that romance has fallen by the wayside due to financial tightness. Far from it, in fact. The nice thing about long-term relationships is that when you're feeling low-key, it's perfectly acceptable to make some cookies and curl up in bed with a rented horror movie (total cost: less than it costs to go out to a mid-scale restaurant for dinner!). And long walks on the beach never go out of style - or threaten to break one's limited bank account. It's nice to know that the fading of pressure to Always Be Impressive Even At Financial Cost subsiding doesn't have to go hand-in-hand with romance and spontenaity falling flat. There's a fun guide to cheap-but-not-"cheap" dates here that I highly recommend.

All the same, I'm not looking forward to giving up my staff discount here at the store when we move! I have some definite additions to our tickle trunk to make by then. Which brings to mind the question - is sex recession-proof? doesn't seem to think so.

But then again, has a slightly different - and more detailed - take.

Speaking of buying things, I've been meaning to make a couple of additions to my personal library - starting with The Purity Myth by Jessica Valenti, an examination of the standards applied to young womens' sexualities in North America, and how the socialized obsession with virginity and the virging/whore dichotomy are harmful to women. Given that it comes from the  author of Full Frontal Feminism, I'm looking forward to reading it - hopefully I'll be able to give a review before my time at the store is up!

Secondly, the classic "bible of nonmonogamy" The Ethical Slut has gotten a makeover, complete with updated material. I, for one, am endlessly curious as to how they've improved on the original groundbreaking book.