Dear Phone Perverts...

Dear phone perverts,

I thought of you today. Usually when I think of you, it's because you called me at work and forced me to listen to your heavy breathing, and a short description of what you'd do to me with your 12 inch cock. I'm sure you'd elaborate on your description if only I'd stop hanging up on you. Perhaps calling strangers puts a bit of a cap on your creativity?

Today was different. I thought of you after having read an older blog post, written by Victoria. In this post, she highlighted the ickiness that is the non-consentual sceneing on social networking sites. That's when I thought of you.

In case you're not sure if it's you I'm writing to, here is an example of a recent phone call I received from you:

"Hello, is this the Art of Loving?"
"Why yes it is, can I help you with something?"
"Yes, I was wondering if you had a certain type of dildo, it's called the ______"
"Yes, we do indeed carry that toy"
"Great, how many inches is it?"
"It's 6 inches"
"Is that the whole length or the just the shaft that would penetrate you"
"That's the whole length"
"Oh good *breaths heavily* because I'd love to penetrate you with my-" *Click*

It's not that I don't appreciate what you are into, I do! Being a fan of erotic talk myself, I would gladly run home asap if my partner called for a similar purpose as your own. But you forgot to ask me if it was something I wanted to be a part of. I don't. I value how you coyly try to hide your initial intention by making me feel like I am helping you find the perfect dildo. However, out of the hundreds of people in this city who would happily consent to phone sex with you, I am not one of them.