Deedle-a-Deedley Dee

I just got back from a trip to Ireland, my 4th. After having lived there a while I got used to rarely talking about sex with anyone other than my partner. This was my 2nd visit since I started working here at the Auld sex shop. Previously, my in-laws wouldn't even dare ask me how work is going in case I started talking about what it is I do, because it might be awkward or revealing. At least that's the silent message I got.

This time though I sensed a change in the air and questions were asked. Nothing too specific but a great step forward I think.

It's not that people are less or more sexual here or there or anywhere but it's good to see a little more openness.

Closing comments by the eldest in the family was of course "Are you still going to work now that you're married? Good. Don't tell anyone where you work".