A Different Perspective

The last two years of my life have been the most unexpectedly revealing, awkward and perhaps challenging. I have had a painful break-up (of a 9 year relationship), new beginnings and a lot of self-discovery.

There have been awkward dates, bad dates, really bad dates, excitement, disappointment, tears, self-pity, soul-searching, new adventures, and lots of laughter as well. I try to stay positive and not get too wrapped up in thinking about the past and the future but sometimes it’s a challenge.

Sitting with 2 of my oldest girlfriends yesterday we were chatting over our different realities, me still single at 36, one of them a single parent of two teenage girls, and the other married, also with a teenage daughter.

The conversation was mainly about sex and relationships, as it is frequently when you get three ladies together in private.

My girlfriends were sharing some thoughts about their relationships with their daughters, where they are at with their teenage sexuality, and their ability to come and talk with their mothers about anything

What struck me was the difference in our realities. Here I am single and free but still having those moments of self-pity. These two ladies are raising daughters! They are both great mothers and role models for their kids. Wow, I cannot imagine having the weight of that responsibility on my shoulders!

It just kind of hit me that being single and dating is not nearly as serious and complicated as I’ve built it up to be. No matter what happens, I am free to make mistakes, try anything I want to, and only need to worry about taking care of myself.

I always try to look at the positive and appreciate what I have but sometimes we all need a little reminder I think. I will try and keep this perspective the next time I have a really awful date.