Dirty Perverts!

I've been reading and listening to A LOT of Dan Savage lately. I find it alternately depressing and reassuring. But mostly, there's just nothing to get you through a low point in your love life like reading about the girl who's not sure if it's safe to leave her boyfriend locked in a cage while she runs errands, or the woman whose husband keeps asking the neighbour to make fun of his tiny penis.

I suppose it's mostly a misery loves company sort of thing, but I think part of it is also similar to the biggest reason I love working in this store; it's just so wonderful and enlightening to know how kinky and perverted the vast majority of us are. If it weren't for Savage Love and working in a sex shop, popular media would have me believe that everyone was getting off exclusively on mouth kisses and missionary all the time. But, thankfully, I've had enough people who look like they could have been one of the parents on my high school softball team come in and purchase an anal douche and/or a breathe-easy ball gag, to know that this is not the case.

So, even if I'm not getting much use out of leather floggers or bondage tape AT THE MOMENT, it's somehow nice to know that a surprising number of people out there are. Vancouver, you saucy minx!