Does True Love Really Exist

Easing away from the topic of sex and more towards relationships, I've been reading a lot of things about relationships lately and the topic of true love.

How can someone know exactly if they've experienced it or not? Is it truly a real thing, or just a figment of our imagination?

It all depends on the person. If someone has had their heart truly broken, they might not be willing to get back out in the dating world and focus on themselves. I remember being a young girl in high school and falling "head over heels" for this one scene kid (good old days) and crying in my pillow after he rejected me over text. I look back at that and laugh now, mainly because I'm with someone I do love. Before I found him though, I didn't try to go after anyone until I moved to Vancouver, which was about six years after that incident.

There's this emotion that we feel when we are with the person that we love, one that everyone has tried to explain probably, but we never have been able to because it's such a mystery.

In my opinion, love is something that begins as lust, and it turns into a choice. We can either decide to fall in "love" with the person's physical assests and fuck them whenever we want, or learn to love them for who they are: their apperance, their personality, their baggage - everything.

After we decide between those two, we either leave them in the dust and never mention their name again (if we even knew it in the first place), or we begin a relationship with them which is what turns into love. We fall in love with that person. We also fight, laugh, argue, cry, smile and live with that person. They make you want to be a better person, not because they're telling you to (honestly, if someone told me that, they'd be gone), but because they just make you so happy and loved.