Don't Be Shy

I’d like to take some time to address all the customers and potential customers out there about feeling awkward when coming into the shop.

A large portion of our clientele we see in The Art of Loving are very comfortable coming in, purchasing whatever they need and asking any questions that they have. I have to say, I love these people! I don’t think that they feel any different when they’re shopping at Safeway or London Drugs.

And then we have the ones that are not so comfortable. Maybe it’s their first time in our shop or in any sex shop for that matter. I can usually tell right off the bat if this is the case. Upon entering the store and being greeted there is a lack of eye contact. When asked if they need any help they will say no and then start the perimeter rounds. Lots of them will browse the books, pretending to look very enthralled. Yes, we do have a great library with some fantastic books but that’s usually not what the newbies have come for.
Sometimes, they leave without buying anything and that just makes me sad.

Well, I’d just like to put it out there to these people…Please don’t feel uncomfortable! All of the staff who are working in the store are here for a reason. We all believe that sexual health, education, and exploration are healthy. We make no assumptions, hold no judgments, and respect your privacy.

I learn something new every time I work here and a lot of the time it’s from our clients. So feel free to ask questions, explore, and have fun. That is why we’re here. See you soon!