Erotic Freedoms are a good thing...

One can look back and see how far we have come in our erotic freedoms. I'll leave it up to you to count the ways.... *wink*

There's still room for expansion, no doubt about that. Flash forward (or rather backwards to February 2014) to Russia and you'd be sure you were travelling into the past... the very distant past. But no.. this is happening now... believe it or not.

Remember the media blitz about burning bras in the 60s's ? Well, Russian women are now protesting in the streets over the right to buy and wear lacey underwear.

Yes, Russia is banning lacy underwear! Women protested by taking their lacey underwear into the streets and putting them on their heads, flashing them about to passers by. If Russia proceeds, only cotton underwear will be available. Lacey underwear will disappear.

I know in many cultures, pleasure is taboo at its core... but controlling the underwear women wear? Really? 

I guess women feeling sexy and erotically powerful is in fact a dangerous thing.

According to the Russian Textile Businesses Union, more than $4 billion worth of underwear is sold in Russia annually, and 80 percent of the goods sold are foreign made. Analysts have estimated that 90 percent of products would disappear from shelves, if the ban goes into effect this summer as planned.

Go figure. Money talks. And pleasure rocks.... the state.

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And while you are at it, come down to the store and pick up some lacey sexy underwear for yourself.. And then count yourself lucky to have such a freedom, and make a wish for women in Russian that their protests win them the same.