Euphemism Day

Ammunition, Anaconda, Animal, Babymaker, Baguette, Banana, Bastard Sword, Battering Ram, Bayonette, Beast, Beef Suppository, Bishop, Bone, Bottle of Milk, Bratwurst, Bristly Love Wand, Bushwhacker, Candlestick, Cannon, Cave Dweller, Cherry popper, Cock, Cong, Crowbar, Cruise missile, Cucumber, Cum cannon, Dangly bit, Dark Lance, Dark Saber, Dick, Dick Tracey, Dicky Dido, Ding-a-Ling, Ding-Dong, Dong, Dork, Dr. Feelgood, Dr. Love’s Syringe, Dripstick, El Capitan, Eleventh finger, Enchanted sword, Fleshrocket, Flute, Frankenstein, Frankfurter, Fuck stick, Gearstick, General, Giant Redwood, Glowstick, Glue Gun, Handle, Heat Seeking Moisture Missile, Hose, Hot dog, Hot meat Injection, Hotrod, Instrument, John Thomas, Johnny, Johnson, Joystick, Knob, Lieutenant, Lightsabre, Linebreaker, Little bald man, Little man, Little Soldier, Littlejohn, Log, Lollipop, Lonely finger, Long John Silver, Love muscle, Love Salami, Love warrior, Lovewand, Lower Extremity, Magic Johnson, Magic wand, Magnum .45 , Major, Manhood, Mantool, Mantube, Me little fella, Meat, Member, Mini-me, Monkey, Mr. Big, Mr. Happy Times, Mr. Tinkle, Mr. Wiggly, Mushroom, Musket, Musketeer, MVP (most valuable player), One-eyed trouser snake, Organ, Pecker, Pee-Pee, Pencil, Penetrator, Piece of pork, Pike, Pile driver, Pin, Pink Cadillac, Pipe, Pisser, Playboy, Plough, Plunger, Pocket trout, Prick, Pringle tin, Purple supersoaker, Rapier, Rear Admiral, Red-tipped Rocket, Rhythm stick, Rod, Salami, Santa’s little helper, Sausage, Schlong, Schnitzel, Screw, Screwdriver, Sergeant, Serpent, Slickstick, Slide trombone, Slingshot, Slinky, Snake, Space invader, Spaghetti string, Spear, Spike, Spitting cobra, Spout, Spunkblaster, Sticky Wicket, Studstick, Submarine, Swashbuckler, Sword, Talent, Tallywhacker, Thing, Third leg, Tiny Tim, Tomahawk, Tommy gun, Tool , Torpedo Tube, Trouser snake, Tube steak, Turbo charger, Turkey Baster, Twig, Utensil, Vader’s Helmet, Violater, VIP, Vlad the Impaler, Wand, Wang, Weapon, Weasel, Weiner, Wet sausage, Whacker, Whangdoodle, Whistle, Wibbly Wobbly Wonder, Willy/Willie, Wooly mammoth, Wrench, Zucchini


alcove, axe wound, bat cave, bear trap, bearded clam, beaver, bermuda triangle, box, boxed lunch, bucket seat, cake, chuff box, clutch, cockpit, cooch, coochie, coochie-pop, coose, cooter, cooze, crack, crawl space, cum depository, cum dumpster, cuntcake, cunt, cunny, donut, dripping delta, felted mound, fillet-o-fish, finger hut, fish, fish taco, front bum, fly catcher, flower, fuckhole, fur burger, garage, gash, gates of Heaven, golden doorway, garden, gash, Grand Canyon, growler, hair pie, hatchet wound, heaven’s door, hole, honey cave, honey pot, hot box, jaws of Hell, kitty, lobster pot, loins, loose meat sandwich, lotus, love box, love canal, love glove, lower lips, meat wallet, mound, mud flaps, muff, nooch, nook, nookie, peach, pearly panty gates, pink taco, piss flaps pocket, poon, poontang, purse, pussy, quiff, quim, rat trap, scratch, sheath, slash, slit, slot, snapper, snatch, space, split, stench trench, tampon socket, temple, thingy, tool shed, tuna, tunnel, twat, undercut, vagina, va-jay-jay, vertical smile, wishing well, whisker box, womb, x, yoni

Admittedly I am sure I forgot some, but still...

why do boys get so many more?