Family Sex Talk Time

Had an interesting conversation with my mom the other day, while sitting in an airport sports bar. One way or another, we got on the subject of prostate stimulation, and my mom - who has always been more than a bit squeamish about my working where I work - was surprisingly interested in discussing the benfits of said activity!

I suspect it had something to do with a conversation I had with my aunt earlier that day. She was inquiring about my job, and after I did my best to describe it as vaguely as possible (mom sitting across the kitchen table and looking more terrified and uncomfortable than a deer in the headlights with a urinary tract infection) she said delightedly, "ooh, is it one of those stores?" and went on to describe her younger days perusing such types of store with my uncle. Mom looked like she'd shit a brick which had miraculously turned to silky smooth chocolate pudding on exit.

So it just goes to show, attitudes can change!

And on the subject of prostate stimulation, we have a lovely little new plug with a curved tip you can stick to your shower wall! The Triple Hump Butt Plug. Look out for it in the Anal Toys section.