Okay - so we've all been very conscious of the whole vampire scene becoming more and more popular these days. I admit, I've been reading the Charlaine Harris novels and actually enjoying them despite the cheese and unfeministic views of our blonde, tight tshirt wearing heroine.

I've been trying to figure out what makes vampires so sexy to the general public. I can't imagine myself ever getting warm fuzzy feelings over something that is cold and should be growing its own moldy fuzz. Some say it's the mystery, others the pure animalistic strength. But I'm sure someone out there agrees that it might just be that vampires have a continuous, undying urge to suck on things.

From what I've learned, vamps seem to be tradionalists. They swoon their lovers/victims and are always well spoken and polite. Even after they feed, they have the courtesy to lick the wounds for them to heal. At least, that seems to be the case in modern vampire stories. Despite their need for blood and apparent tempers, they are completely vulnerable during the day time. They take turns being the aggressors and being aggressed.

No matter what the reasoning for this recent vamperotism, the stories all have one thing in common: fantasy. People are acting out their deepest, perhaps darkest desires through something that is already commonly accepted by the public. Could this be a new openness towards BDSM? Is it possible that this boom of the undead link as a gateway for a more public acceptance?

Only time will tell whether this imaginary fang-bitten frenzy will adapt to its more realistic leather-beaten link.