Feminism and Kink (Uh-Oh!)

Liberation Collective has an interesting radical feminist critique of BDSM up (TRIGGER WARNING) that's worth a read. I say interesting because I can't think of a better word to decribe all my feels on the topic.

I don't think being sex-posi means you can't think critically about sex practices. I like the show Supernatural, that doesn't mean there's nothing wrong with the fact that the only women and people of colour in it end up evil or dead. These things don't exist outside of the rest of our culture, and practices that reinforce a dominant/submissive dynamic can be problematic. But I also think criticism so steeped in academia ignore the fact that there's real people participating, some of whom are survivors working through their abuse, some of whom just like to be whipped and thats nobody's business, y'know? A recent study even showed that folks who participate in BDSM might be mentally healthier than 'nilla folks.

Consensual sex isn't postponing the revolution, is all I'm saying.