A few things to take under consideration....

So recently, as I’ve written about in the last bit, I have been dipping my toes into the world of dating. Its interesting, after 3 years, not much has changed. It kind of feels like a rat race and a job interview all in one, still fun, just a little crazy at times. A few things in particular have come to my attention as a bit of a pattern and I would like to address them, because they’re really starting to piss me off… So, I hope some men are reading and paying attention.

Firstly, while on certain dating sites, if you have a generic username like “rdfg”, no picture (even when it specifies on my profile that you need to have a picture to even get a glance), a generic subject line like “hey” and a message that consists of “sup, wanna meet and see where it goes”… Don’t expect a message back, it’s very unoriginal and unattractive! Do you guys really think we don’t know what “See where it goes” means? I’m pretty sure it means meet up and see if you can get us to have sex with you asap. Also very unoriginal and unattractive (unless you’re offering compensation).

The last thing and probably the most irksome… When we meet, you talk about yourself incessantly (about how you cheated on pretty much every gf you’ve had, what a great listener you are, etc) until you hear what I do for a living (On a brief break from talking about your manliness)… I can literally see a switch flip and a light flicker, now you REALLY think you’re going to get me into bed, right now. So you try and push and pressure. I’m not having it. The pouting that ensues after I inform said male that won’t be happening can be so… annoying!

So guys, just because I work in a sex toy store and I’m super open to sexuality and do some other stuff on the side, doesn’t mean I’m going to be super easy (not that there’s anything wrong with that), doesn’t mean I’m going to sleep with you right away and definitely doesn’t mean you should expect anything other than 2 way conversation on a first date/meet. Anything more (consensually) should be considered a straight up bonus.

On a side note: This is just a rant. I am not a man hater, in fact I love men. A lot!