Foreskin! The Sequel.

This seminar (Foreskin 101) was up there with Burning Man, Women Studies and falling in love on my eye opening scale. As far as personalities go, Glen Callendar is officially one of my god's chosen people. Fast forward: guy striding around heaven in trademark black 'I heart my foreskin' shirt and nothing else. God-given shlong on display. Funny AND educational? Bring it. Huge fan here.

So since having my head cave in from seeing his video of a newborn receiving the operation, I've been chatting with folks everywhere about the skin before. My landlord, neighbors, ex's, the guys working at Esso ecetera have now shared their thoughts on it with me.

What I've learned from these chats is threefold. Many, many people seem to think it doesn't hurt the child much. I doubt I'll forget that boy's cry pattern. The foreskin is attached at birth. I didn't know that. Did you? "scrape scrape scrape" describing procedure to new dad... "scrape rip scrape" Boy trying full range of new vocal cords all the while.

I dare you to take this one in. Titillating sanctioned sexual abuse! Maybe have a chaser of something swell like to wash it down after?

That said, a lot of those I spoke with just don't give a shit. Turns out many of us have a handy ambivilence about a baby receiving pain. It's forgettable so a moot point. Who knew?

I also learned that I may be wrong. I had written phimosis as a dire reason to cut it off in another blog. Half naked Glen said it can be stretched using cream. The masturbation cure? EEK! God forbid. Speaking of the self pleasure, he showed us all sorts of tricks with his well honed masturbation routine, I mean cleaning ritual.

I don't want to give much of the giggle away should you subject yourself to his original excuse for a possible life purpose; but, "You don't hear of the great Jewish or North American lover, do you!?".