The G-Spot Myth or Magic?

I am shocked that there is even still a debate surrounding this subject considering the over whelming amount of biological research that has supported the existence of a highly concentrated cluster of nerve tissue inside the vaginal wall.

British researchers have conducted what is in my opinion a very flawed study, the results of which point to nothing more then some women don not believe they have or more aptly are not really in touch with their G-spot.

The study surveyed 1,800 twins, asking the women if they believed they had a so called G-spot, a small area the size of a 20p coin on the front wall of your vagina that is sensitive to deep pressure?" (A 20p coin is about the size of a nickel.) Research claim the results show conclusively that the idea of a G-spot is subjective because 44% of those surveyed responded that they did not believe they had one, suggesting that the 56% who did where inventing the idea of a G-spot due to influence by media and popular culture.

Researchers cited a personality correlation in women who did report having G-spots: For instance, these women tended to be more extroverted, arousal and open to experience. The studies authors took this as further evidence that environmental and psychological factors may play a role in whether a women has bought into the myth.

While I think their reasoning has a little logic to it, I think they have it backwards. I see the results of this study as indicating that sex negative conditioning and fears can block women from a true knowledge and understanding of their erotic bodies.

It also appears as if researchers themselves might benefit from a workshop on how to locate and stimulate the G-spot (like our free one on January 26th) themselves. Eliminated from the study were 71 women who reported they were homo or bisexual “because of the common use of digital stimulation among theses women, which may bias the results”.

So they first eliminate anyone who they suspect to have a familiarity with the g-spot and then state that the ones who still claim to have one as making it all up in their head.

It is no wonder that the Journal of Sexual Medicine is actually publishing the study. Sounds like good science to me.

I personally have no doubt about the existence of my G-spot. Just give me that come hither motion and I’ll show you.